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We specialise in designing, fabricating, assembling, installing and commissioning engineered water purification, wastewater, and vacuum installation systems.

We specialise in designing, fabricating, assembling, installing and commissioning engineered water purification, wastewater treatment systems and vacuum system. The systems we build for our customers are used to purify and recycle water for industrial applications and to treat industrial wastewater. The systems are customised and configured to meet our customers’ specific applications and needs.

We utilise water purification and wastewater treatment technologies to design our EW Systems. We design treatment processes using membrane and ion exchange technologies that are available in the market to develop the most functional, performance-reliable and cost-effective system for our customers through inhouse fabrication and integration of third-party components. The selection of treatment processes and equipment is determined by the characteristics and composition of the feed water to be treated, the desired composition and quality of the treated solution and the quantity, in terms of volume capacity of the output required.

In accordance to the treatment processes described in the previous sections, our EW Systems are categorised into the following systems:-

Water Management Services

Upon commissioning and hand-over of our customer’s EW System, we continue to serve our customer by providing WM Services contracts to service, operate and maintain the systems as well as to test the product water produced and the resultant wastewater. The WM Services that we provide depends on the type of EW Systems used by our customers and these varies from customer to customer. Customers may engage us to provide one or a combination of the following services:-

Maintenance Of Filters

Filters are used to remove impurities from water. For example, a carbon filter is used to remove chlorine and organic impurities, while a media filter is used to remove suspended solids and particles. Cleaning and backwashing of filters are necessary to maximise the effectiveness and operating capacity as well as to prolong the useful life of the filters. The frequency of backwash of filters is determined by the amount and the nature of impurities filtered by the filter-bed. Filters are backwashed when the differential pressure changes by 10 psi. In addition, filter cartridges are changed when they are exhausted.

Our WM Services contract for maintenance of filters includes, inter alia, cleaning and backwashing of filters when necessary, provision of labour and transportation to backwash the filters, provision of monthly service reports on the backwashing of filters, replacement of consumables and monthly water analysis for chlorine and organic contents in pre- and post-filtered water.

Maintenance Of Ion Exchange

Resin Columns Ion exchange resins are used to remove dissolved ions or naturally occurring organics for the purpose of softening and demineralisation of water. Regeneration of ion exchange resins is necessary in order to optimise the performance of the water systems. Ion exchange resins are regenerated when they are fully exhausted by measuring the resistivity or conductivity of the output water generated from the EW System.

Our WM Services contract for maintenance of resins includes, inter alia, checking and recording the resistivity of mixed bed columns, regeneration of resins when necessary, provision of labour and transport to remove and replace exhausted resins, provision of monthly service reports on the regeneration of resins and supply of new resins.

Operation And Maintenance Of EW Systems And Facility Area

In addition to the services described above, our WM Services contracts include routine monitoring of process and equipment, preparing and replenishing of chemical solutions, cleaning and calibrating of pH sensor instruments, maintaining the parameters set for the EW Systems, regular monitoring of pumps and sensors, checking for leakages, troubleshooting and repairing malfunctioning parts and housekeeping of the EW Systems.

We are able to provide up to 24-hour service if our customers require us to do so. Our service staff comprises technicians and engineers who are stationed on-site at our customers’ facilities to provide a more effective and efficient service.

Trading Sale

This business includes trading of chemicals such as coagulants, flocculants and cleaning agents (in liquid and powder forms) and distribution of electrical controls and instruments used in pure water and wastewater treatment plants. This business is undertaken by our subsidiary, SFC.