Welcome To Darco Water Technologies, Solutions to Water and Waste

Listed on SGX in 2002, Darco is a provider of integrated engineering and knowledge-based water treatment solutions and waste water treatment. Established in 1999 to design, fabricate, assemble, install, commission and service engineered water systems for industrial use in Singapore and Malaysia, the Group has since expanded into air management system, soil remediation and solid-waste recycling.

The Group, which has operations in Singapore, Malaysia, the Mainland China, Taiwan, Philippines and Indonesia, serves companies across diverse industries – electronics, semiconductor, textile, food and beverage, printed circuit board, solar-energy and pharmaceuticals, and takes on municipal water and waste water treatment projects.

Darco Water Technologies Limited designs, fabricates, assembles, and installs engineered water systems for industrial applications. The Group also services and maintains product water and wastewater systems. Darco Water Technologies trades and supplies chemicals, electrical controls and related instruments used in water treatment systems.

At Darco Water Technologies, we develop innovative engineering and knowledge-based solutions to provide for all water and wastewater requirements across various industries.

Darco completes the synergy in offering one of the most cutting edge water systems technological know-how and expertise with their combined experiences in the world of power, petrochemical, chemical and the energy sectors.

Your Business Partner – Understanding Customers’ Needs

When you work with Darco, you have a business partner committed to delivering quality, reliable and cost-effective systems that meet your water needs. We have established a quality assurance system, which places great emphasis on achieving a consistent quality in the water we produce, and on ensuring timely delivery to our customers.

Engineered Water Systems

At Darco, we work closely to understand your water requirements before designing and fabricating a system that works to meet your needs.

Our team of engineers studies the characteristics and composition of the feed water to be treated, and adopt the appropriate technologies to design and develop functional, high performance and reliable systems, to meet your pure water and wastewater treatment requirements in the most cost-effective manner.

We have the capabilities to design treatment processes using membrane and ion-exchange technologies. These include organic and inorganic treatments, membrane filtration and separation, electro-winning, chemical precipitation and vacuum degasification.

Our systems are able to meet the most stringent and demanding water quality requirements in the pharmaceutical, electronics and semiconductor industries.

Water Management Services

Darco indulges and prides itself in service after sales. With a team of professional and experienced technicians, this division is able to provide servicing and maintenance of Ultra pure and Wastewater Treatment System, Process and Engineered Water (EW) Treatment Systems.

Our integrated services are always keeping pace with technological advancements and the ever-evolving market requirements. As a result we are able to meet the demanding and changing needs of our satisfied customers.

Our services include:

24-hour on-call service
Normal daily, weekly and monthly servicing
System optimization studies
Upgrading of existing plant equipment inclusive of repairs of plant instruments (Pumps, analyzers, etc)
With our quality assurance system in place, with emphasis on achieving consistent quality in our products and services, we are committed to providing customers with only the best knowledge based service at competitive price for a mutually profitable relationship with optimum returns.

Darco - More than just solutions, transcending water to sustainability